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Visualizer Look how wonderful work we have done! 3D visualization helps to give you a clear picture of the products, interior designs, graphs, and others. This is why we put our special attention to offer the best visualizers for interior designers, architects, and many others. Moreover, Wood Square is open to customize the visualizers and […]
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Information Kiosk

Information Kiosk Look how wonderful work we have done! With a changing era, information kiosks become the most integral part of the businesses and other private sectors. The information kiosk allows you to display information on a digital screen and a certain menu system. So be it the health care sector, business sector, or public […]
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Non-Touch Display

Non-Touch Display Look how wonderful work we have done! Wood Square is the eminent supplier of non-touch displays and provides our services all over India. We focus on delivering the finest quality non-touch displays in the market for offices and educational institutes. Here, you get an exclusive range of displays and a myriad of options […]
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Audio Podiums

Audio Podiums Look how wonderful work we have done! At Wood Square, you get the best audio podiums to deliver the lecture peacefully. Not only that, an audio podium that we offer to you features advanced settings and a digital panel including a wireless system with web browsing connectivity so that the lecturer can manage […]
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Digital Teaching Systems

Digital Teaching Systems Look how wonderful work we have done! Wood Square provides the best digital teaching systems and impactful classroom solutions that turn education into a whole new experience. We also put forth digital teaching solutions for interactive learning. The digital teaching system that we offer you includes a smart digital interactive panel, electrical […]
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Interactive Boards

Interactive Boards Look how wonderful work we have done! Smart classrooms need a smart project that allows you to project the lecture from anywhere. This is why we at Wood Square offer you an endless range of interactions featured with a built-in Android system, wireless connectivity option, and web browsing services. We design the interactive […]
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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras Look how wonderful work we have done! CCTV camera installation these days is in great demand for security reasons. That’s why we at Wood Square provide the best CCTV camera installation and designing services to meet the current government and private sectors’ needs. We make sure that you get the complete CCTV setup […]
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Electric Podium

Electric Podium Look how wonderful work we have done! A digital and electrical podium is helpful to deliver smart presentations and lectures. Wood Square designs the best electrical and digital podium laced with interactive touch panels, advanced audio systems, amplifiers, wireless mics, speakers, and much more. Everything is there in our digital podium so that […]
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Institute Furniture

Institute Furniture Look how wonderful work we have done! With the rising number of schools and modern needs, the classroom infrastructure is the key thing that helps to decide whether the school is right for the kids. At Wood Square, we aim to provide a smart learning environment and excellent furniture. This is why we […]
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Furniture Look how wonderful work we have done! Better infrastructure that matches with modern needs is always the foremost priority of our team. As a result, Wood Square now offers endless furniture manufacturing services for all industrial niches covering education, medical, offices, and many more. Public Utilities All Products Furniture Hospital Furniture + Writing Display […]
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